Thursday, December 1, 2022

As Congress Debated Landmark China Bill, Beijing Surged Ahead

Experts are still assessing how China apparently leapfrogged ahead in its effort to manufacture a semiconductor that rivals those made in Taiwan, which supplies...

Daniel Snyder Answers Congress’s Questions About Harassment Claims

The owner of the N.F.L.’s Washington Commanders was accused of sexual harassment by former employees during a congressional round table in February.

Liz Holtzman Wants Another Crack at Congress, 50 Years Later

She shattered glass ceilings, voted to impeach Nixon and helped chase out Nazis. But can Ms. Holtzman overcome one more political hurdle: her age?

This Political Neophyte Is a Lock for Congress. His Name Helps.

Rob Menendez Jr., 37, is running his first race for office for a New Jersey congressional seat that his father, Senator Bob Menendez, once...

Georgia Congressman Jody Hice Subpoenaed in Trump Inquiry

Representative Jody Hice has been one of the most vocal proponents of false claims that Donald J. Trump won the 2020 presidential election.

Poll Shows Tight Race for Control of Congress as Class Divide Widens

Nonwhite and working-class Democrats worry more about the economy, while white college graduates focus more on cultural issues like abortion rights and guns.

Supreme Court’s E.P.A. Ruling Shifts More Power Away From Congress

What was once a dialogue between the branches has become almost entirely one-sided, with the justices accumulating clout at lawmakers’ expense.

In Illinois, MAGA Congresswoman Rallies to Oust Her G.O.P. Colleague

The primary contest between Republican Representatives Mary Miller and Rodney Davis has pitted a hard-right figure styling herself in Trump’s image against a traditional,...

How the House Jan. 6 Panel Has Redefined the Congressional Hearing

No bloviating speeches or partisan rancor. Lots of video and a tight script. The story of Donald J. Trump’s efforts to hold on to...

Congress Passes Bipartisan Gun Legislation, Clearing It for Biden

The House gave final approval to the Senate-passed compromise, ending nearly three decades of congressional inaction.