Monday, March 27, 2023

How Tennis and Djokovic Are Pushing Against the U.S. Covid Vaccine Rule

The No. 1 player in the world is Djokovic. In order to perform at Indian Wells and the Miami Open, the Covid-19 vaccine-unvaccinated 1...

White House Said to Consider Pushing Congress on Dealing With TikTok

The Biden administration is shifting its system by urging Congress to grant it more constitutional authority over TikTok and other technologies that could reveal...

How a Derailed Train Galvanized an Ohio Town, and Congress

Democratic rivals have banded together for a common goal due to the harmful consequences from the incident near the town of East Palestine.

What to Expect at China’s National People’s Congress as Xi Tightens Grip

Beijing may present a ideas for reviving economic growth and tightening the Communist Party's hold on power during its top legislative session.

Broadway Guide: What to Know About Shows, Tickets and Covid Protocols

A overview of everything you need to know, from a revived" Camelot" to the Pulitzer Prize-winning" Fat Ham."

Have a Question About Preparing for the Next Pandemic? Ask the Experts.

Times Opinion wants to address your inquiries regarding epidemic readiness.

Premature Births Fell During Some Covid Lockdowns, Study Finds

In just one month, approximately 50,000 preterm babies may have been avoided in a group of primarily high-income nations.

Congress Moves to Block Investment Rule, Setting Up Veto Fight

In rebellion of a White House reject threat, the Senate voted to overturn legislation that would have allowed retirement plan professionals to take environmental...

FDA Panel Recommends 2 RSV Vaccines for Older Adults

The injections would be the first publicly accessible vaccines against a breathing disease that claims thousands of lives each year if approved by the...