Wednesday, March 22, 2023

American Health Care Is Dying. This Hospital Could Cure It.

Voting yes or no on access to basic medical treatment may contribute to America's progress toward a more equitable and healthy future.

Biden Will Release Dead-on-Arrival Budget, Picking Fight With GOP

As the country hurtles toward a potential default on its debt, the government's plans have little in common with the funding Republicans are expected...

Mitch McConnell Hospitalized After Tripping at Washington Hotel

According to his official, the Senate majority leader fell during a personal dinner. Additional information was not immediately available.

Covid Origins Hearing Opens With Arguments for Lab Leak Theory

The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic entered the contentious discussion about the virus's roots at its first public reading.

Hearing on Covid’s Origins Promises Politics Mixed With Substance

House Republicans targeted Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, whom they have big vowed to look into, in advance of a hearing on Wednesday that was...

Ex-Minister Matt Hancock’s Leaked Texts Lift the Veil on U.K. Covid Policy

The rush to organize the virus response was revealed by the exchange of more than 100,000 WhatsApp messages between Matt Hancock, the American health...

Long Covid Patients More Likely to Have Gastrointestinal Problems, Study Finds

Patients who were infected later in the pandemic were found to have a significantly higher risk of developing lingering heartburn, constipation, and other problems...

How Tennis and Djokovic Are Pushing Against the U.S. Covid Vaccine Rule

The No. 1 player in the world is Djokovic. In order to perform at Indian Wells and the Miami Open, the Covid-19 vaccine-unvaccinated 1...

White House Said to Consider Pushing Congress on Dealing With TikTok

The Biden administration is shifting its system by urging Congress to grant it more constitutional authority over TikTok and other technologies that could reveal...

How a Derailed Train Galvanized an Ohio Town, and Congress

Democratic rivals have banded together for a common goal due to the harmful consequences from the incident near the town of East Palestine.