Wednesday, March 22, 2023

To Small but Growing Group, This Congressional Backbencher Is a Cult Hero

Republican senator Thomas Massie may influence his party's course by grafting his unusual blend of social ideologies into its DNA.

Biden Moves to Recapture the Centrist Identity That Has Long Defined Him

The president is speaking more to the issues of the social end as he gets ready to launch a second term campaign after two...

Prosecutors Signal Criminal Charges for Trump Are Likely

If the former president wants to speak, he can appear before a Manhattan grand judge last week, which is good evidence that an accusation...

Takeaways From Biden’s Budget: The President Embraces His Priorities

In contrast to the ideas put forth by Republicans, President Biden claimed that his finances was intended to" pull the problem on hard working...

Biden’s $6.8 Trillion Budget Proposes New Social Programs and Higher Taxes

Especially as he sought to reduce shortfalls by increasing taxes on business and the wealthy, the president proposed trillions of dollars in new spending...

Trump Lawyer Admits to Falsehoods in 2020 Fraud Claims

In a administrative hearing by Colorado state bar leaders, Jenna Ellis admitted that she had purposefully misrepresented the facts regarding election fraud.

The Debate Over Covid’s Origin

Covid may contain originated from a laboratory in China, according to both U.S. political parties.

Seeking Evangelicals’ Support Again, Trump Confronts a Changed Religious Landscape

Donald Trump's claim of an anti-abortion Supreme Court enticed conservatives. They are now returning to the industry.