Thursday, December 1, 2022

Gina Raimondo, a Rising Star in the Biden Administration, Faces a $100 Billion Test

Gina Raimondo, the commerce secretary, has made a career of tackling increasingly larger challenges. Could the next one be too big?

Trump’s Latest Dinner Guest: Nick Fuentes, White Supremacist

The former president’s table for four at Mar-a-Lago on Wednesday also included Kanye West, whose antisemitic statements have made him an entertainment-industry outcast.

Is Donald Trump Ineligible to Be President?

The nation once again faces dilemma as it confronts a third presidential run by Donald Trump.

Lisa Murkowski Wins Re-election in Alaska, Beating a Trump-Backed Rival

Ms. Murkowski was the only Senate Republican up for re-election this year who voted to convict former President Donald J. Trump in his impeachment...

Trump Was a Gift That May Not Keep Giving

Democrats may be relieved, but they should not be overconfident.

Biden Administration Extends Pause on Student Loan Payments

The Biden administration said it will hold off on collecting payments to give courts time to rule on lawsuits that have blocked the president’s...

Court Appears Ready to End Trump’s Special Master Review

Two of the three judges had already expressed skepticism about a court’s intervention after the F.B.I. seized records from the ex-president’s home.

Supreme Court Allows House Democrats to Obtain Trump’s Tax Returns

In a terse order, the Supreme Court rejected the former president’s request that it block the Treasury Department from turning over the files.

Some Advice for Jack Smith, the Special Counsel in the Trump Investigations

We can learn a lot from previous presidential investigations.

What Makes Trump Different From DeSantis and Other Republicans

To his supporters, he will still be the only outsider candidate capable of taking on a corrupt system.