Monday, March 27, 2023

Court Action Underscores Peril for Trump in Documents Investigation

Federal prosecutors are still pursuing allegations that the previous leader may have misled his own attorney and thwarted public attempts to recover classified information.

Grand Jury Expected to Resume Hearing Trump Hush-Money Case on Monday

The screen looking into the former president's case usually meets on Thursdays for a different topic rather than on Fridays.

Trump Investigations Test Justice Dept. and Divided Nation

Attorney General Merrick Garland and some prosecutors have made an effort to show that politicians shouldn't corrupt the legal system. As the Trump studies...

With Beijing Opposing a TikTok Sale, the Biden Administration’s Options Narrow

The White House would effectively have two choices to address issues about the company if it couldn't induce a price.

Prosecutor in Trump Hush-Money Case Fires Back at House Republicans

An indictment is unlikely to be made before next week because the grand jury investigating the former mayor's role in a hush-money payment usually...

Migration Tops Agenda as Biden Visits Canada

Canada is requesting renewal of an agreement with the United States that requires it to take hospital seekers at unofficial crossing points due to...

Sex, Lies and … Trump. What More Can You Ask For?

The situation is becoming rainy.

Trump May Face Prosecution. America Faces a Test.

When something is morally right but the political timing is dangerous, we are called to accept what I refer to as the pain of...

Donald Trump Faces Several Investigations. Here’s Where They Stand.

As federal and state prosecution press Mr. Trump in a number of questions, the Manhattan district attorney's office appears to be getting close to...

Biden Plan to Cut Billions in Medicare Fraud Ignites Lobbying Frenzy

A lobbying panic has been sparked by the Biden administration's proposals to alter how personal Medicare Advantage plans are paid.