Saturday, June 10, 2023

Joe Biden Is a President Who Knows the Right Time to Shut Up

Politics at its best just isn’t necessarily all that entertaining.

Biden Administration Shrugs Off Ukraine’s Attacks in Russia

For months, U.S. officials said cross-border operations risked a dangerous escalation. But those fears have ebbed.

Biden Invites Allies to Washington as Fighting Intensifies in Ukraine

President Biden hosted Mette Frederiksen, the prime minister of Denmark, at the White House on Monday, and much of the discussion revolved around providing...

Biden-Trump, the Sequel, Has Quite a Few Plot Twists

For one thing, the president’s popularity — among Democrats and the publicgenerally — is not where he (or his party) wants it to be.

The Complicated Reality of Joe Biden, America’s Oldest President

President Biden is asking voters to keep him in the White House until age 86, renewing attention to an issue that polls show troubles...

Biden Signs Fiscal Responsibility Act, Ending Debt-Limit Crisis

Now that the bill is law, the nation will not risk running out of money to pay its obligations for two years.

Can Kevin McCarthy and Joe Biden Fix Washington?

At least they both seem to care about the institutions they lead.

Biden’s Debt-Deal Strategy: Win in the Fine Print

The president and his negotiators believe they worked out a deal that allowed Republicans to claim big spending cuts even as the reality was...

Biden to Deliver Oval Office Address as U.S. Averts Default

The president will speak on Friday evening after congressional passage of legislation that narrowly averts economic calamity.

Biden Notches Win on Debt Ceiling Deal, but Lets Others Boast

President Biden brokered a debt limit deal by following instincts developed through long, hard and sometimes painful experience in Washington.