Monday, March 27, 2023

Prosecutor in Trump Hush-Money Case Fires Back at House Republicans

An indictment is unlikely to be made before next week because the grand jury investigating the former mayor's role in a hush-money payment usually...

How an Indictment and Arrest of Donald Trump Could Unfold

Even though an prosecution may be submitted as soon as Wednesday, there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the outcome of the case.

M.I.A. in 2024: The Republicans Trump Vanquished in 2016

None of these previous candidates have made any material preparations for the 2024 requests, indicating that many members of the party believe that opposing...

As a Possible Indictment Looms, Trump’s Team Plans to Attack

The former president's system intends to launch a comprehensive unpleasant against Alvin Bragg, the Democrat district attorney in Manhattan, accusing him of political bias...

Here Are Some of the Charges That Could Arise From the Trump Investigations

Prosecutors in New York, Georgia and the Justice Department face complex choices about what crimes to charge if they decide to indict Donald Trump.

Michael Cohen’s Long Arc From Trump Ally to Chief Antagonist

He quickly declared that he would risk his life to support Donald Trump. He immediately hopes to assist the prosecution in getting him arrested.

Grand Jury Meeting on Trump Evidence Canceled, Pushing Possible Indictment

Although prosecutors have indicated that an accusation of the former president is good, great courts work in secret and its exact timing is still...

For Trump and His Potential 2024 G.O.P. Rivals, It’s All About Iowa

Iowa has become crucial for potential Democratic presidential contenders, and for Donald Trump in particular, as previous Vice President Mike Pence visits the say...

Court Action Underscores Peril for Trump in Documents Investigation

Federal prosecutors are still pursuing allegations that the previous leader may have misled his own attorney and thwarted public attempts to recover classified information.

Mike Pence Is Still Afraid of Trump

And he is not the only Republican running for president.