Sunday, May 22, 2022

In Georgia, a G.O.P. Primary Tests the Power of a Trump Vendetta

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is fending off a challenger fueled by Donald J. Trump’s election lies. But do voters still care about 2020...

It’s Trump’s Party, and He’ll Lie if He Wants To

Republicans want to write Democrats out of the body politic.

Primaries Show Limits, and Depths, of Trump’s Power Over G.O.P. Base

The Make America Great Again movement is dominating Republican primaries. But is the former president in control of it?

Here’s where Trump’s endorsement record stands so far.

The candidates endorsed by former President Donald J. Trump have succeeded in many of their early primaries, with some notable exceptions.

Trump Has Uncorked a ‘Toxic Blend of Extremist Orientations’

The MAGA formula was “a white Christian nationalist strategy from the beginning.”

Election Deniers Thrive Even as Trumpism Drifts: 5 Primary Takeaways

The day’s biggest race, the Republican Senate primary in Pennsylvania, was too close to call. But elsewhere, candidates who dispute the 2020 outcome ran...

U.S. Accuses Steve Wynn of Lobbying Trump on Behalf of China

The Justice Department said that by serving as a middleman for the Chinese government, Mr. Wynn acted as a foreign agent and must register...

10 Republicans on President Trump’s Sway in Georgia, Ohio and Pennsylvania

Nostalgia for the former president ran high, but his influence in big elections in swing states this month depended on the candidate.

Biden Administration Lifting Some Trump-Era Restrictions on Cuba

The changes include an expansion of flights to the country and the restarting of a family reunification program.

Dr. Oz, Celebrity Candidate in the Pennsylvania Senate Race. What’s Trump Not to Like?

Mr. Trump is putting his faith in the political value of celebrity to its purest test yet.