Sunday, July 3, 2022

Trump Urged Armed Supporters to Capitol, White House Aide Testifies

Cassidy Hutchinson told the House committee investigating the riot that President Donald J. Trump did not care about the potential for violence because his...

‘There Is Nowhere I Feel Safe’: Election Officials Describe Threats Fueled by Trump

“Do you know how it feels to have the president of the United States target you?’’ Ruby Freeman, a Black election worker from Georgia,...

Trump Eyes Early 2024 Announcement as Jan. 6 Scrutiny Intensifies

Donald Trump has accelerated his campaign planning, hoping a White House bid will blunt a series of damaging revelations. Some Republicans are worried.

To Counter Putin, Biden Tries to Assemble an Upside-Down Cartel

President Biden led his Group of 7 counterparts to agree on a plan that would cap the price of Russian oil, a daunting goal...

Cassidy Hutchinson’s Testimony Highlights Legal Risks for Trump

The former White House aide’s revelations about Jan. 6 chipped away at any potential defense that Donald J. Trump was merely expressing well-founded views...

The Bromance of Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani’s loyalty to the former president was born in his darkest moment.

Katie Britt Wins in Alabama as Trump Suffers More Losses in Georgia

In a handful of Southern states on Tuesday, Trump-backed candidates added to the former president’s mixed record in midterm primaries.

Justice Dept. Issues More Subpoenas in Trump Electors Investigation

Federal prosecutors sought information from two men who had worked on behalf of the Trump campaign and a third who signed up as a...

Why Conspiracy Theories Flourish in Trump’s America

“It is too soon to say whether this delegitimization is permanent,” one scholar says.