Monday, March 27, 2023

Trump Says He Will Be Arrested on Tuesday as Indictment Looms

A grand jury in Manhattan is expected to indict him, but the exact date is unknown.

Out of Power, Trump Still Exerts It

For Republican officials, an early-morning social media post served as a shortstop gun: Most flocked to the former presidential candidate and denounced the Democratic...

Biden Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with Ireland’s Prime Minister

The chief pastor of Ireland was welcomed by President Biden, who also stated that he would travel to the nation last month to commemorate...

That Missing Trump Portrait? Found, Next to Some Old Yoga Mats.

After a tip, The Times located a portrait of Donald Trump given to him by El Salvador’s president and that Democrats were eager to...

At the Waco Rally and Beyond, Trump’s Movement Now Commands Him

Who just controls the GOP is obvious.

James Comer, Republican Oversight Chair, Embraces Role of Biden Antagonist

The chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee and a fourth-term Kentuckian has aggressively promoted claims about the leader and his life that...

Donald Trump Faces Several Investigations. Here’s Where They Stand.

As federal and state prosecution press Mr. Trump in a number of questions, the Manhattan district attorney's office appears to be getting close to...

House Republicans Target Bragg Ahead of Expected Trump Indictment

The Manhattan district attorney's criminal investigation into the previous president was sought by three Democratic commission chairman using their investigative authority. His political campaign...

Trump Allies Pressure DeSantis to Weigh In on Expected Indictment

The effort previews how an indictment would jolt the still-nascent race for the Republican presidential nomination — and perhaps already has.

What Did We Learn From Trump’s Waco Rally? He’s Stuck in the Past.

Trump continues to engage in classic conflicts. Republicans, however, have moved on to their own warfare— a brand-new conflict centered on history.