Monday, May 29, 2023

Tim Scott Announces Presidential Campaign, Adding to Trump Challengers

The announcement from the South Carolina senator follows a tour of early nominating states. He enters the Republican primary field having raised $22 million.

Kevin McCarthy Can Now Engage With President Biden on Debt Limit

Mr. McCarthy, who Republicans believe has been treated dismissively by Democrats, was buoyed by President Biden’s decision to negotiate more directly with him on...

Trump Lawyers Seek Meeting With Garland Over Special Counsel Inquiries

Two lawyers for the former president asserted that he was being treated unfairly in the investigations into his handling of classified documents and his...

‘A Tim Scott Nomination Would Be a Nightmare for Joe Biden’: Our Columnists Weigh...

Times Opinion looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the South Carolina senator.

Biden and McCarthy Set for More Talks as Debt Ceiling Deadline Nears

Tuesday’s negotiations at the White House come a day after the Treasury Department reiterated that the government could run out of money to pay...

DeSantis Privately Says Trump Can’t Win 2024 Presidential Race

In a phone call with top donors, the Florida governor took his most direct shots yet at Donald Trump. He is expected to officially...

How Biden Blew It on the Debt Ceiling

Doesn’t anyone here know how to play this game?

Meeting Between Biden and Republicans Delayed as Sides Pursue Debt Limit Deal

The decision to delay Friday’s expected meeting to next week was cast as a positive development, one that could allow officials to find agreement...

Trump to Make Virtual Appearance in Manhattan Criminal Case

Former President Donald J. Trump appeared to react angrily at a virtual appearance when the judge in his case disclosed the trial date.

Who Are Biden’s Negotiators on a Debt Ceiling Deal With Republicans?

President Biden selected Shalanda Young and Steve Ricchetti to talk directly with aides to Speaker Kevin McCarthy in an attempt to avoid default.