Thursday, June 8, 2023

Grand Jury in Florida Hears Testimony in Trump Documents Case

Among those appearing before the grand jury in Miami was Taylor Budowich, who served as a spokesman for former President Donald Trump.

Joe Biden Is a President Who Knows the Right Time to Shut Up

Politics at its best just isn’t necessarily all that entertaining.

Through Ties to Saudis, Golf Deal Promises Benefits to Trump

The new alliance between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf is the latest example of how the former president’s relationship with Saudi Arabia has...

How Christie and Trump’s Friendship Flourished, Then Deteriorated

The two men had a relationship that could be genuinely warm, and at other times transactional. Now they are vying for the presidency in...

Mike Pence’s Campaign Against Donald Trump Has Already Made History

In running for the Republican nomination against Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence will be the first vice president to directly challenge the president who...

Mark Meadows Testified to Grand Jury in Trump Special Counsel Investigation

Mr. Meadows, the final White House chief of staff under Donald Trump, is seen as a potentially key witness in the documents and Jan....

Grand Jury in Florida Hints at Unknown Complexities in Trump Documents Inquiry

Prosecutors have started calling witnesses to a federal grand jury in Miami after months in which activity in the investigation was centered on a...

Chris Christie Formally Enters ’24 Race, as He Takes Square Aim at Trump

The former New Jersey governor has been among the Republican hopefuls most willing to criticize Donald Trump, the front-runner for the nomination.

For Christie, Winning Would Be Great. Beating Trump Would Be a Close Second.

The former New Jersey governor’s presidential bid is a long shot. But if he takes out Donald J. Trump along the way, Chris Christie...