Monday, January 30, 2023

On Trump’s Truth Social: Ads for Miracle Cures, Scams and Fake Merchandise

Truth Social, the social network started by former President Donald J. Trump, has struggled to attract large brands.

Meta’s Trump Calculus and Regime Change at Netflix

Plus, we play the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s video game “Dookey Dash.”

Barr Pressed Durham to Find Flaws in the Trump Russia Investigation

The review by John Durham at one point veered into a criminal investigation related to Donald Trump himself, even as it failed to find...

Biden Set to Hammer House Republicans on the Economy

The president has found a welcome foil in a new conservative House majority and its tax and spending plans, sharpening a potential re-election message.

Trump Support Is Eroding in an Republican National Committee He Remade

Interviews with more than a third of the Republican National Committee’s members point to a desire for an alternative presidential nominee to emerge from...

Biden Officials Credit New Border Measures for Decline in Illegal Crossings

Crossings by migrants from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Haiti have plummeted, but Republicans and some Democrats have attacked the new policies.

How Biden Reluctantly Agreed to Send Tanks to Ukraine

The decision unlocked a flow of heavy arms from Europe and inched the United States and its NATO allies closer to direct conflict with Russia.

Biden Faces Blowback From Democrats on Classified Documents

The discovery of classified documents has thrust President Biden into an uncomfortable position after he started the new year with plans to do a...

Meta to Reinstate Trump’s Facebook and Instagram Accounts

Donald Trump had been barred from the social media platforms after the Jan. 6, 2021, storming of the Capitol. Twitter reinstated him last year.

Trump Has Started Texting

The former president, averse to leaving records of his communications, had long avoided text and email.