Thursday, December 1, 2022

The Table for Trump’s Antisemitic Banquet Was Set Long Ago

Republicans have accepted his “textbook racism” for years.

McCarthy Condemns Nick Fuentes, Stopping Short of Faulting Trump

The aspiring Republican House speaker disavowed the prominent white nationalist Nick Fuentes and his ideology, but declined to directly criticize former President Donald J....

Biden Will Meet With Congressional Leaders as Rail Strike Looms

President Biden has urged lawmakers to pass legislation that would prevent a labor stoppage by rail workers next month.

Trump’s Far-right Embrace

Why it’s important to know more about Nick Fuentes.

Ukraine Is Biden’s Defining Issue, and His Biggest Economic Challenge

The shape of the war, and its effects on global markets, in the months and years to come could determine the president’s political fate.

Republicans Hate Everything About Trump’s Dinner With Ye and Fuentes Except Trump

The episode shows that the G.O.P. isn’t even close to done with the former president.

Trump’s Jewish Allies Denounce Dinner with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes

Supporters who looked past the former president’s admirers in bigoted corners of the far right, and his own use of antisemitic tropes, now are...

Biden Asks Congress to Intervene in Rail Dispute as Strike Deadline Looms

The president cited the potentially devastating economic effects of a strike that could shut down freight trains just days before Christmas.

Trump Plans Limited Role in Georgia Senate Runoff

The former president, who held two big rallies before the state’s two runoff elections two years ago — both of which Democrats won —...

What If We Just Ignore Donald Trump

My father’s advice on how to deal with bullies would work great on Donald Trump.