Saturday, June 10, 2023

Many in U.K. Greet King Charles’s Coronation With a Shrug

Images of the new king may be blanketing Britain, but many in the country are more focused on navigating a cost-of-living crisis than celebrating...

Scientist Revisits Data on Raccoon Dogs and Covid, Stressing the Unknowns

After analyzing genetic data swabbed from a Wuhan market in early 2020, a virologist said it was unclear if animals for sale there had...

What Is Coronation Chicken? The History Behind the Famous Dish

This curried chicken salad recipe with a regal history is well worth making for coronation watching and beyond, Melissa Clark writes.

The Long Shadow of Covid School Closures

Long school closures have put public education — and Randi Weingarten, the leader of a major teachers’ union — on the defensive.

A Century-Old Vaccine Fails to Protect Against Covid

Early in the pandemic, scientists began testing an old TB vaccine against the coronavirus. But the trial enrolled fewer participants than expected as new...

Can Africa Get Close to Vaccine Independence? Here’s What It Will Take.

Leaders on the continent have vowed that if there is another pandemic, they won’t be shut out of the vaccine market.

Queen’s Corona Plaza Is a Haven for Latin American Food Vendors

Corona Plaza, a rare hub created by neighborhood food vendors, teems with the aromas and colors of many cuisines. But its future is uncertain.

What’s Going on With Covid Right Now?

The number of occasions, illnesses, and fatalities has decreased over the past few years. We questioned experts about specific risk and what the future...