Monday, May 29, 2023

As Covid Emergency Ends, Surveillance Shifts to the Sewers

With other virus tracking efforts winding down, wastewater data is likely to become increasingly important in the months ahead, scientists say.

Families of Those Lost to Covid Wrestle With Mixed Emotions as Emergency Ends

More than 1.1 million Americans have died of Covid. An official end to the health emergency has landed in complicated ways for those affected...

Public Health Lessons Learned From the Coronavirus Pandemic

The United States’ struggle to respond to the virus has highlighted the importance of communicating with the public, sharing data and stockpiling vital supplies.

How the End of the Covid Public Health Emergency Will Affect Testing and Treatment

The emergency expired May 11, complicating access to tests and treatment in the U.S.

U.S. Warns Migrants Before End of Pandemic Restrictions That ‘Border Is Not Open’

Officials are bracing for an increase in illegal border crossings as Title 42, a pandemic-era health policy that allowed officials to expel migrants quickly,...

A ‘Queen Charlotte’ Costume Designer on This Month’s Other Coronation

A costume designer for Netflix’s new “Bridgerton” spinoff describes creating clothing for a Black royal, and looking to the House of Windsor for real-life...

Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise in Small Trial

Using mRNA tailored to each patient’s tumor, the vaccine may have staved off the return of one of the deadliest forms of cancer in...

As Covid Emergency Ends, U.S. Response Shifts to ‘Peacetime’ Mode

The coronavirus public health emergency, declared by the Trump administration in 2020, will expire on Thursday. Interviews with senior health officials suggest the nation...

What Does the End of the Covid Health Emergency Mean for New York City?

The city had already stopped some services, like mobile testing sites, but many others, including free vaccines and Paxlovid, will continue for now.

U.K. Protest Law in Spotlight as Police ‘Regret’ Some Coronation Arrests

The dozens of detentions around the crowning of King Charles III intensified a national debate about new legislation that broadens police powers to arrest...