Saturday, January 28, 2023

Do Rapid Covid Tests Still Work?

They can result in false negatives, but they remain a valuable tool in stopping the spread of Covid-19. Here’s how to use them most...

The Indirect Ways the U.S. Can Help China Avoid Covid Catastrophe

It’s in the United States’ best interest to find ways to aid China.

Long Covid Is Keeping Significant Numbers of People Out of Work, Study Finds

An analysis of workers’ compensation claims in New York found that 71 percent of claimants with long Covid needed continuing medical treatment or were...

F.D.A. Outlines a Plan for Annual Covid Boosters

In advance of a scientific meeting on Thursday, officials proposed offering new shots to Americans each fall, a strategy long employed against the flu.

Inside the Hospital Where Damar Hamlin’s Life Was Saved

The trauma care of the Buffalo Bills player highlighted what is done to overcome cardiac arrest, a leading cause of death in the United...

In a Nation That Nearly Wiped Out Cholera, the Disease Is Surging Back

Malawi, in southern African, had all but eradicated cholera, recording only two cases in 2021. But more than 900 people died of it over...

Families Struggle as Pandemic Program Offering Free School Meals Ends

A federal benefit guaranteeing free school meals to millions more students has expired as food prices have risen. Many families are feeling the pinch.

China Celebrates Lunar New Year After ‘Zero Covid’ With Caution

With strict Covid restrictions lifted weeks ahead of the country’s most important holiday, millions, joyful yet anxious, could finally travel and reunite with family.

Wife Fatally Shot Terminally Ill Husband in Florida Hospital, Police Say

Ellen Gilland, 76, had made a pact with her 77-year-old husband and had planned to also fatally shoot herself, but, in the end, “she...

Buckingham Palace Sets 3-Day Coronation Weekend for King Charles III

Among the highlights that the palace has announced are a star-studded concert at Windsor Castle, street parties and a national volunteering campaign. No word...