Monday, March 27, 2023

John Fetterman Checks Into Hospital to Seek Treatment for Clinical Depression

A spokesman for the first-term senator from Pennsylvania, who suffered a near-fatal stroke last year, said his depression had grown severe in recent weeks,...

Where Should the Covid-Conscious Dine? It’s All About Risk.

Readers want to know where they can feel safe, but the answer is different for everyone.

Why Mississippi, a Covid Hot Spot, Left Millions in Pandemic Aid Unspent

Stop-and-go federal funding floods public health agencies with cash during crises but starves them of funds afterward. The coronavirus pandemic shows the pitfalls of...

For Many Older Americans, the Pandemic Is Not Over

Seniors continue to bear the brunt of deaths and hospitalizations, even as most of the nation abandons precautions: “Americans do not agree about the...

Volunteers in Turkey Construct Makeshift Hospitals in Earthquake Zone

In place of damaged or destroyed hospitals, a series of field clinics have sprung up in Turkey, with doctors and nurses from around the...

Norovirus: What to Know About Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Nausea, vomiting, stomach pain: The illness is contagious (and highly unpleasant).

When Did Hospitality Get So Hostile?

In a new era of rage, dining out has become downright volatile — with both customers and servers aggrieved.

Kizzmekia Corbett Unlocked the Science of the Covid Vaccine

Kizzmekia Corbett helped lead a team of scientists contributing to one of the most stunning achievements in the history of immunizations: a highly effective,...

An Underground Hospital in Syria Fills With Quake Victims

A subterranean hospital known as the Cave and long the destination for war wounded is now filled with casualties of the earthquake — both...

N.I.H. Leader Rebuts Covid Lab Leak Theory at House Hearing

Now in the majority, House Republicans are eager to scrutinize the Biden administration’s Covid policies and the origins of the virus, as a hearing...