Saturday, June 10, 2023

Coronation Fashion: What Queen Camilla and Princess Kate Wore

Why a dress is never just a dress at a major occasion of State.

Were William and Kate Late to the Coronation?

The Prince and Princess of Wales arrived at Westminster Abbey after King Charles III, prompting speculation among the many journalists covering the ceremony.

At the Coronation, Harry and William Find Themselves Rows Apart

The sons of King Charles III did not appear to interact during their father’s coronation.

The Coronation of King Charles III, in Photos

Britain is crowning King Charles III. Here’s a selection of the best photographs from the coronation weekend.

What Happened at King Charles’s Coronation: Key Moments

The lavish ceremony, Britain’s first in 70 years, was brimming with ancient traditions with a few modern touches.

It’s Coronation Day

Come for the crown jewels and gold stagecoach; stay for the questions about the monarchy’s relevance.

For Anti-Monarchists, Charles’s Coronation Is Evidence for Ending the Monarchy

Supporters of an elected head of state for Britain see the coronation as an opportunity to highlight the absurdity of having a royal family...

King Charles’s Coronation: What Will Happen and When

Processions through central London will bookend a coronation service in Westminster Abbey. King Charles III and other members of the royal family will also...

The Covid Pandemic Emergency is Apparently Over

But Covid isn’t quite done with us yet.

C.D.C. to Scale Back Covid Tracking Efforts

With the official end of the public health emergency next week, the agency will no longer report community levels of infection and will stop...