Thursday, December 1, 2022

Outside Money Floods New York Congressional Races

Super PACs have spent about $9 million to try to influence the Aug. 23 congressional primaries in New York, more than three times the...

What Republicans Should Do If They Gain Power in Congress

A conservative agenda focused on workers and their families could create new avenues for progress.

Mary Peltola, the Democrat Who Could Become the First Alaska Native in Congress

Mary Peltola, a former state lawmaker, surprised even some of her own supporters by taking the lead over Sarah Palin for an open congressional...

A Functional Congress? Yes.

Congress is known for being dysfunctional. Why hasn’t it been over the past two years?

The Most Productive Dysfunctional Congress Ever

For a gridlocked capital, Washington has been amazingly productive.

Could Carl Paladino and His ‘3-Ring Circus’ Be Headed for Congress?

Mr. Paladino, who has a history of racist and outrageous remarks, is competing in a Republican House primary against the G.O.P. state chairman.

Five Decades in the Making: Why It Took Congress So Long to Act on...

The Senate bill avoided the political pitfalls of past legislative attempts by offering only incentives to cut climate pollution, not taxes.

A Clean Energy Future is in the Hands of Congress

The Inflation Reduction Act may be the single-most important piece of climate legislation in American history.

Jackie Walorski, Indiana Congresswoman, Is Dead at 58

Ms. Walorski, who was first elected to Congress in 2012, was traveling in her district with two aides, who were also killed when a...