Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Congress Offers $1 Billion for Climate Aid, Falling Short of Biden’s Pledge

Activists called the funding to help developing countries cope with the impacts of climate change “hugely disappointing.”

A Congressional Call to Prosecute Trump

The committee investigating the Capitol attack accused the former president of four federal crimes.

Congress Passed a $858 Billion Military Bill. Here’s What’s in It.

Lawmakers approved an 8 percent overall budget increase, funding for Taiwan and Ukraine, and a slew of provisions focused on judicial security and environmental...

Congress’s Productive Final Weeks

With the holidays looming, Congress is using its final weeks to try to approve a rush of major legislation.

Will the African National Congress Buy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Alibi?

A bizarre scandal threatens to topple President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa from leadership of the African National Congress, which begins its party conference...

Congress Clears One-Week Spending Bill to Avert Immediate Government Shutdown

The Senate passed legislation to avert a government shutdown this weekend as negotiators worked to finalize an agreement to provide funding through September.

What to Know About the Child Tax Credit Being Debated in Congress

Policymakers are trying to bring back an expanded child allowance, but disagree on who should get it.

In Congress, Party Switching Cuts Both Ways

If history is any guide, Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, the latest lawmaker to change her stripes, faces an uncertain future.

Leaders Back Away From Raising Debt Ceiling, Punting Clash to New Congress

Some Democrats had hoped to act on the issue before their party loses unified control of Congress, but a lack of political will and...

Dan Snyder Impeded Sexual Harassment Investigation, Congress Finds

A congressional committee said the N.F.L. “has not protected workers from sexual harassment and abuse” and found that Snyder, the Commanders owner, went to...