Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Mishandling of Classified Information Has Congress Asking Questions

Lawmakers are seeking answers on why the executive branch is not as careful about protecting classified information as they are required to be on...

Why George Santos Won’t Be Able to Fake His Way Through Congress

I served in the House for 28 years. Your colleagues need to trust you for you to get anything done.

U.S. Will Hit Debt Limit Jan. 19, Yellen Tells Congress

The Treasury Department expects to begin taking “extraordinary measures” to continue paying the government’s obligations ahead of what’s expected to be a big fight...

George Santos Faces Calls to Resign From 4 GOP Congressmen

Republican officials in New York sharply denounced the embattled representative, even as leaders in Washington have said they will not push him to step...

A Dysfunctional Congress

Congressional gridlock brought on by far-right Republicans now seems more likely to lead to government shutdowns.

Republicans Prepare New Rules, but Fixing Congress Isn’t So Easy

History suggests that the procedural plans of the new House Republican majority are likely to lead to more gridlock and legislative instability, not less.

Federal Panel Rules South Carolina Congressional District Is Illegal Gerrymander

A three-judge federal panel unanimously ruled that South Carolina’s redrawn First Congressional District illegally removed 62 percent of the Black voters in Charleston County.

The Lying Congressman

George Santos is stretching the tolerance for lies in U.S. politics.

What the Far-Right Republicans Want: To Remake Congress and the Government

At the heart of the speakership battle is a right-wing push for more influence.

A Con Man Is Succeeding Me in Congress Today

Now we know that no one voted for the real George Santos.