Sunday, July 3, 2022

Congress Is Paralyzed on Guns. Here’s Why Chris Murphy Is Still Hopeful.

The Democrat from Connecticut, who has spent his decade in the Senate trying and failing to enact gun safety bills, says his party should...

Background checks are popular. Why can’t Congress expand them?

Republican opposition doomed previous efforts, but gun control groups say Democrats need to push harder in the wake of the Buffalo massacre.

Congress Holds First UFO Hearing in Half a Century

An intelligence subcommittee will hear testimony from two Pentagon officials on observations by military pilots and others.

How Democrats Can Hang on to Congress in 2022

Donald Trump, abortion rights and student loan debt create a narrow window for President Biden and Democrats to regain their footing.

Can Trump Get Bo Hines, a 26-Year-Old Political Novice, Elected to Congress?

Bo Hines, a leading candidate in a Republican House primary next week in North Carolina, has little political experience but holds major campaign advantages,...

Here’s How Democrats in Congress Are Trying to Protect Abortion Rights

Under legislation that is all but certain to fail on a test vote this week, abortion rights would be protected and a wide array...

Drug Sentencing Bill Is in Limbo as Midterm Politics Paralyze Congress

A broadly supported bipartisan measure to eliminate a racial disparity in drug sentencing faces a difficult road as Republicans seek to weaponize the issue...

Congress Clears Bill to Allow Lending Arms to Ukraine

House passage of the measure, which invoked the World War II-era Lend-Lease Act, sent it to President Biden for his signature.

Congress Has to Ask How Much McKinsey Hurt the F.D.A.

Three critical questions to secure F.D.A. integrity.

State Court Rejects Kansas Congressional Map as a Gerrymander

The Republican-drawn map intentionally split strongholds of Democratic and Black voters, a judge ruled. The State Supreme Court will review the decision.