Saturday, June 10, 2023

Connolly Attack Raises Concern About Congressional District Office Security

After a man asking for Representative Gerald E. Connolly attacked two aides in his district office in Virginia, members of Congress and their staffs...

House Republicans Stall Effort to Expel George Santos From Congress

Democrats tried to force a vote to expel Mr. Santos, a Republican of New York who was indicted last week. But Republicans pushed the...

Ecuador’s President Dissolves Congress Amid Impeachment Trial

President Guillermo Lasso disbanded the country’s National Assembly as the opposition-led body was trying him oust him on embezzlement charges.

House Democrats Move to Force a Vote on Expelling Santos From Congress

It would take a two-thirds supermajority to remove the New York Republican, but a vote would put members of his party on the record...

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Heads to Congress to Discuss Rules for A.I.

Sam Altman, who leads ChatGPT’s parent company, is expected to call for some regulation of artificial intelligence as Washington weighs its next steps.

Staff Members Attacked With Bat at Congressman’s Virginia Office

Two people were hospitalized after the attack at the Fairfax office of Rep. Gerry Connolly, a Democrat, and someone was in custody, the police...

Before Title 42, Congress Failed Repeatedly to Overhaul Immigration Policy

Legislative initiatives to overhaul immigration policy have fallen flat as partisan differences and other rifts have scuttled attempts at compromise.

Asylum Debate Snarls Efforts to Forge an Immigration Deal in Congress

Despite hopes among some Democrats and Republicans that the expiration of strict pandemic-era border rules would force a compromise, bipartisan talks have sputtered.

Migrant Child Labor Debate in Congress Becomes Mired in Immigration Fight

Revelations that migrant children have been exploited for cheap labor brought calls for action, but a partisan battle over immigration policy has complicated lawmakers’...

Chief Justice Roberts Declines to Testify Before Congress Over Ethics Concerns

In an accompanying statement on ethics practices, the Supreme Court’s justices insisted their current ethical guidelines on gifts, travel and financial deals are sufficient.