Bittersweet day. Hoping this gives others faith.


As I’m writing this I just got my DD-214 and certificate of discharge. 11 years and fours months in the Army and my journey is over (plain ETS). I’m fighting back tears because no matter the reason I’m getting out and the ups and downs I’ve had, this was a significant part of my life and there’s sadness.

But the day is bright and my prospects are grand. I have a six figure job that I start on Monday (not bragging just want you all to know you can do it and you’re worth it), benefits are great, I have my house with my beautiful family, my BDD is currently being processed and I amassed a bunch of evidence and buddy letters that are going to really help out, and I have started the process to apply for my MBA hopefully at UT and see where life takes me.

My entire career I’ve gotten lucky but also never let anyone tell me something couldn’t be done and pushed for what was best for my soldiers and I. I love what the Army gave (and hate some injuries), but I will always look back on this time as the most important thing I ever did with my life. It was a spring board that projected me into a great life.

I wish the best for everyone on here and would love to help anyone or connect if you’re in the greater Houston area or anywhere else and just need to talk to someone. You all are worth so much and you all will be successful. Sorry for being corny or sappy or dramatic but I’m just in my feels today.

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