AT&T Wireless Veterans Discount Update


Just spent an hour on the phone with AT&T, one of the hours I will never get back. I wanted to share the new deal they have for veterans.

TL;DR: AT&T is now offering a 25% veterans and military member discount, but you have to call them and request the new discount. Even if you are currently getting the veterans discount, you do not get the 25% unless you specifically ask for it (or signed up after the promotion begun).

For current AT&T customers, you might have already signed up for the Veterans/Military discount on your AT&T wireless bill which was 10-15%. I just found out today that they upped the discount to 25%, but you have to literally request this discount to be applied. They may ask you to re-verify that you are still a veteran/member of the military. I was able to convince them with logic that my status as a veteran was still valid and would never expire, but you may be expected to provide proof (VA Health ID, DD214, valid military ID, etc).

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