100% Disabled Vet going through divorce from psychologically abuse spouse. (Utah)


Hi. I am divided from my wife and dealing with a divorce. I am financially nicely off (real estate moves) but mentally not excellent. I was psych hospitalized upon my 24th year associated with active duty and retired because of mental health crap. Final Veterans Day, I was within a VA psych ward regarding suicidal ideation following the wife’s verbal attack upon me during a panic attack.

I had the first mediation session and it also left me mentally defeat for days. I can’t carry hearing her voice. We can’t look at her encounter. It’s all zoom say thanks to god, but…. I can not look at that abuse monster because she tries to take most cash (yea, she desires 100% of the cash as well as the house).

I’m afraid to attorney up because the mediator states it will go bad for me monetarily. Is it possible to give a POA in order to someone so I don’t have to cope with her directly during process?

Once again, hoping to avoid lawyer yet I may be last that…..

(Punchline …. This is abusive female is an RN. I place her through nursing college with DEA benefits plus cash. )


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