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Housing Allowance


I am in an online program (Using VRE, eligible for Post 9/11). I am currently receiving just the online rate of pursuit (collecting 50% because I’m considered part time). In September, I will be starting my field placement internship (16 hours a week) and it is worth 3 credit hours, bringing me to full-time at 9 credit hours for the masters program.

My question is, for my internship, will I be then eligible for the on-campus rate of pursuit? My VRE counselor said “I should receive that”, however they didn’t seem very confident. Anyone have experience or knowledge about this?

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Proper Greeting for Flag officers


As the title states, what is the proper greeting for Flag Officers? Do they follow the Sir/Ma’am etiquette as other officers or do you address them by rank? (ie Admiral ____ or General ____) thanks!

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Biden’s Curious Talking Point: Lower Deficits Offer Inflation Relief

The administration says federal spending trends are helping rein in price increases, but the economic calculus may be more complicated.

It’s Trump’s Party, and He’ll Lie if He Wants To

Republicans want to write Democrats out of the body politic.

Physical C&P exam is internally inconsistent


Hey guys without going into too specific details I've received the results of my Physical portion of my C&P exam through QTC (contractor for the VA) and my paperwork that the representative filled out is internally inconsistent.

In example. It has a check box that is checked saying the claimed condition existed PRIOR to service and has not been aggravated beyond it's natural progression but in the same section under remarks they've copied and pasted the doctors notes from my initial diagnosis explaining how the injury occured and says "service related".

This doesn't happen just once but more than 4 times.

On another page there's a checkbox for if the veteran (myself) has been diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis. They've check marked the box that says no. But if you go to the page with the actual diagnosis it says I've been diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis and had it verified by a podiatrist.

Furthermore there's a section where it says my back pain is undiagnosed and lacks symptoms. But in another page or two it notes my spine injury.

What do I do? I contacted legal and they scheduled me an appointment for Monday but I feel I should act immediately and possibly with a lawyer that isn't ARMY.

Any personal advice/experiences?

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GI Bill BAH Payments seem a bit low?


Hello all,

I live in Boise, Idaho and go to school full-time at Boise State University. I've been going to school here for a while now, and I recieve the advertised (from the VA website) $1400/month in BAH.

My understanding is that the BAH is supposed to be the same rate as E-5 w/dependents, but that $1400/month I receive is over $300 less than the $1700/month or so rate for E-5 w/dependents here. I'm paying closer to $2350/month for a small home here, and it's impossible to find even a small apartment for $1500/month unless you're willing to commute an hour plus.

I don't really understand how this works. Does the GI Bill take a long time to adjust its BAH rates? Is there a new rule that the BAH rates are lower than enlisted rates? I'm really just looking for some clarification into how it works, and if I can expect more BAH in the future or not.


Yes I am going to school full time. I've verified I'm receiving the correct rate from my veterans center on campus, and I also confirmed the rate on the VA website tool using the GI Bill BAH comparison thingy.

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Just spent 30 days at an inpatient program


I thought it was going to suck, but it was actually pretty cool. I was at Brentwood Springs in Indiana. Met a lot of people just like myself. I am still broken, and they recommended follow up care, but the RRTP I was supposed to go to, cancelled on me last minute. I’m still trying to stay positive. It was a neat experience. Don’t be afraid to get help. Trauma, MST, MH, Addiction, it’s all the same.

Side note: I got to my PS5 and my controller is broken. Come on first of the month!

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Is it possible to avoid all stressors in life? Do have to be a monk


Sorry if not allowed, had a massive panic attack at work

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filling out form 22-1990 for GI Bill


I’m filling out the form 22-1990 online and not sure if I should check the box “I have a period of service that the Department of Defense counts toward an education loan payment”. I’m looking at my enlistment packet and I have the student loan repayment program which I haven’t used. Is that the same thing?

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Biden Seeks Swift Effort to Bring Finland and Sweden Into NATO

Speedy approval seems likely among most members of the alliance in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but Turkey’s objections remain a sticking point.