Thursday, June 8, 2023
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My VA Health Clinic has gone downhill


Had to go to Urgent Care for foot issue because VA couldn’t see me in time. They gave me antibiotics for an infection and said to get to podiatrist in next few days. Gave VA paperwork. It’s been nearly a week and they haven’t even processed referral yet. They won’t have an appointment for over a month. If I can get them to refer me to community care, that will take a minimum of another week if not longer.

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Ex-wife, filing, harassment charges, and the police took her word and close the case without talking to me. What do I do?


So this sucks and now, and she's using my tax exemption, and I am afraid to talk to the police because clearly they will not believe me. Back to that what I said before, she filed harassment charge, which could easily be proven as false because I recorded it and the location where it happened… Had a video camera which clearly the police never looked at. When I called them they were pretty shitty to me and told me I better stop harassing her. They said the only way I could clear my name was to file a defamation case. Has anyone else has something like this?

Because I'm a disabled veteran with mental health issues… Does this mean that I automatically can't get equal justice. Sorry for the rant.

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Copy of C&P


Does anyone know where and how, I can get a copy of my C&P exam for mental health?

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Casey DeSantis Is Your Obsession. Jill Biden Is Mine.

We only think we understand the impact of political spouses.

DFAS Contact info


I've been trying to contact dfas for an hour. All the numbers I've called are either giving me a busy signal or they are disconnected. Does anyone have a working number or an email?


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Freaking out and feeling betrayed.


What’s up party people. This is the second time I’ve posted and I’m just hoping for some support or guidance.

This past Monday, I was harassed and threatened by my daughters stepdad. I was at my local Home Depot (not a fan of their anymore) when this happened.

I saw the stepdad when I walked in. I don’t particularly care for this person, but we made eye contact and I gave him a slight nod to acknowledge him. Shortly after that he shouted and asked if it was me. Upon this he began to loudly throw insults at me. For the record “Pussy” and “MotherF’er”, were the only verbal punches here had.

So I kept my cool and walked on to do my shopping. Minutes later he comes from behind me continuing with the insults and up’s it saying after my daughter turns 18 he was coming after me. He continues to tell me he was going to beat me, hurt me, F me up, etc. The entire time I am staying 3C (cool, calm, collected) and not engaging with with. I make attempts to move out of the situation – not knowing how it could or would escalate. Each time he positioned himself keeping me blocked in.

After a few minutes I was able to move on and finish my tasks. As I was checking out, he continued to shout at me.

No one in the store did anything.

I called my local sheriff and made a report. They referred me to the local court as “nothing criminal has happened “.

The court gave me the run around on getting a protective order- to include my daughter. It was denied and then re routed to superior court because of the parenting plan in place with my daughters mother.

So now I’ve spent PTO dealing with courts and trying to ensure safety for my family, and I’m not getting any help. I’m just frustrated and mad.

Oh and Home Depot will not give me surveillance footage, because I’m not a cop and there is not a police report. Thanks for the veteran support HD.

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Should I accept what’s being offered?


So after a struggle with mental health and trying to receive help but being ignored but the navy’s ship medical and I quite literally mean they ignored me. I had a failed attempt on my own life and they sent me to Portsmouth mental health clinic where I was diagnosed in under 20 minutes and released in less than a hour. I then found out through my “therapist” that I was being recommended for a adsep due to medical reasons. They diagnosed me with adjustive depressive disorder and social anxiety somehow by hardly talking to me and now they want to adsep me. I was under the impression that getting adsep was for ucmj misconduct. I’ve never been in trouble before and I perform above standard. At this point I’m just confused any advice would be great thank you

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USAF Hospital Whites (White utility uniform)


With a recent post where someone thought that the USAF should have a lower-level NCO position other than SSgt, we explained that we did, and are glad it's gone the USAF E-4 Sgt. The memory brought up something else that went away around that time, the hospital white uniform.

  1. For the folks that wore one, were you sad it left?
  2. Could you get through a shift with it staying clean, or not ruined? (I was a BMET, if I wore it, it was a guarantee that the blue toner-filled Kodack mammogram printer would have a problem and I would be throwing out another set.)
  3. For those that didn't get the fun of wearing them and instead just look like a shrub in the hospital, are you sad that they are not still around?

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VA performed bloodwork and urinalysis/drug test on initial visit. I will fail for weed, will they tell my job?


I was blindsided this morning, I went to a new VA facility and they took a urine sample. I have never had to do that before. I occasionally smoke weed even though my government contracting job has the right to randomly test me. I only smoke when I know I can come back to work clean (I'm on vacation), but I'm concerned as to the possible repercussions of the VA knowing I tested positive for weed since I'm federally employed. Also, will that affect anything in regards to future disability claims? Thanks in advance

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SNHU degree


Who has gone to SNHU online? Specifically looking at doing cyber security. What is/was your experience?

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