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Can I Train & Register My Dog As Service Dog?


I have a 11 month old German shepherd pup, and I was wondering if I can get training to register him as an emotional/mental support dog? Tbh- he plays that role already but I feel bad that I can't take him along with me to certain places.

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Xr spine lumbosacral 2 or 3 views


Good afternoon guys!

I had this xray taken back in february because my back was hurting a bit and very annoying every morning or after pt or lifting.

It just random and my physical therapist told me to do abdominal exercises which i did. But, i have no changes and pain is just there.

I somehow got the xray done and it is showing normal wear and tear as we get old.

Here is what the xray says….

Lumbar spine series. Comparison: None available. HISTORY: s/p MVA Findings: Bones of the lumbar spine demonstrate normal mineralization, contours, and alignment without radiographically evident fracture, spondylolysis, or spondylolisthesis. Mild disc space narrowing and spondylosis at L5-S1. Overlying soft tissues are unremarkable. Impression: Mild degenerative disc disease at L5-S1. No evidence of trauma.

I feel like i wont get anything out of this but i want to know if u do make claim for this, will there be enough for me to get something?

I have been going to sick call and pt since i got the xray.

I also noticed i have been gaining weight dramatically and i try to not gain weight but i am mot overly overweight as i am still in service.

What you guys think of this?

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VA Claim, scientific medical literature


Can someone please break it down barney style for me on how to cite/use scientific medical literature in a disability claim?

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Advice for VR&E after a MS using GI Bill


I read through some of the other posts here and VetBenefits. I guess I am just looking for confirmation I understand the criteria I need to meet to get approved.

Background: -I have a federal job but it requires fieldwork that bothers static conditions I am rated for. -100% P&T -I used my post 9/11 for a BS and MLS -I have 7 mo 15 days remaining of post 9/11 funding -I have an acceptance letter to another MS program at Johns Hopkins for GIS (imagine like computer processed maps and applications like Google Maps, little more sophisticated but that is the jist)

My understanding is VRE is an employment program that has the ability to fund programs.

Here is the overview for my pitch: -My current job and all Ecology jobs require fieldwork that will bother my static conditions

-GIS jobs are plentiful, high paying (mostly), and remote so I can do them without aggravating anything

-JH MS program is unique in its approach, rigor, and courses offered that will make me the most marketable upon completion.

-Alternate education programs will not be as rigorous or versatile because of the unique courses offered such as Artificial Intelligence in GIS.

-I have the course list, description of the faculty, salary information, job postings, cost of the program.

My meeting is on Wednesday and any advice to help me get my funding would be appreciated. Go team.

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Healthcare options outside of VA


I live rurally, very rural, there is 2 va CBOC clinics about an hour away, but both are scheduling 4 months out, I was established as primary care at one but just can't fit me in soon. At this point I'm willing to just forget their shit and see outside providers, but again I live rurally and would prefer a veteran knowledgeable primary care/ mental health. I do have insurance though my employer.

Anyone know of any options?

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Wellness Check


I hope all of you fuckers are doing ok out there. If you have to get up and travel somewhere domestically or internationally just go. Change up your scenery for a few weeks or years.

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A quick shout out to VA Healthcare!


Three years ago, after losing my job, I found out I qualified for free healthcare through the VA. I had been on private insurance for since my discharge 12 years prior but never looked into VA insurance due to the negative publicity it got. After being in two different systems, one in a large urban another rural, I have to say, this is the best healthcare I’ve ever had in my life.

  • My very first appointment, they set me up for four other appointments and tests to make sure I was up to date on everything. Like, without me even asking.

  • They mail me my prescriptions. All of them.

  • During quarantine, I had a mental health thing, they called me every day to talk just to make sure I was ok while I waited to see someone in person.

  • I can actually talk to my doctors. It’s not a 10-15 minute appointment where they push me out as soon as possible, they actual sit and give me their time, even if I just have to vent.

  • lockdown aside, they are efficient af. I’ve never had to wait longer than 10 minutes past my appointment time.

  • most everyone I’ve interacted with has been kind.

On top of all that

  • no more surprise insurance bills, paying for parking, useless tests.
  • I don’t have to call around to find a doctor and ask if they’re accepting new patients and then wait for an appointment to open up.
  • no more dealing with insurance.
  • it’s not tied to my employment.
  • lemme tell you how amazing the price is.

I know the VA isn’t perfect but it’s so. much. better. than private insurance to the point that if private insurance was free and I had to pay for VA, I would pay for VA and never use the private.

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Password for medical record


Hey just checking to see if anyone can help me with the password for my medical record that was given in disk format. The password was given to me years ago and I can’t find where I wrote it down but from what I remember it should be the same as everyone else’s just change the name and social. Something like [lastname][first initial][last4]. Any help would be appreciated

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100% P&T and without a housing? Can you do that?


My friend suggested that I should just get a van and live like a nomad. Actually I have been thinking about it. But at this point I am just saving up as much as I can and I really can't think of living like a nomad around the country. But it's tempting.

Is there anyone who's doing that can you shed me some insight?

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Job Correlation Statement. Corpsman –> IT


Hello /r/Veterans. After getting out of the Navy I went to college and got a degree (IT) in a field that wasn't related to my Navy job (Corpsman). I recently got conditionally approved for a home loan and have a house under contract. One of the tasks in the Navy Federal Credit Union HomeSquad portal is to provide a Job Correlation Statement/ Letter, and I'm assuming it's suppose to say things about how the jobs are similar, but they're really not all that similar.

Has anyone here gone from the medical field to the IT Support world and possible have some pointers or know of a website that will cross reference the two jobs?

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