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VA disability



So I am a lot younger than a lot of veterans. I'm 20 years old and I already know before you read past this a lot of people will stop or go to the next post because of how young I am. I was injured and started having seizures. I left the military with a honorable dishcarge and had no clue the next step but I got moving. I haven't been able to work full time due to my seizures and migraines. I filed for my disability august of 2022. I didn't know anything about the process but I kept telling myself I just have to make it a few more months, a few more months and ill receive my back pay and I won't have to struggle for everything. I had my c&p two weeks ago and I have my LHI next week. does anyone know a time frame of when I should recieve my rating? I keep seeing different things online.

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Discharge “upgrade” to medical discharge after service-connecting the disability I got discharged over?


I was discharged under MILPERSMAN 1910-130 for a physical disability. At the time when I was separated the determination was it was natural progression of a physical disorder that must have existed prior to service and thus not service connected. Since getting out I was able to provide enough evidence to the VA to the contrary to get this disability service-connected. It was caused by an injury I incurred I just needed to provide enough medical evidence connecting the injury to the development of the disorder. Which I was successful in doing.

Would it now be possible to use the fact that this is a service-connected disability to "upgrade" my discharge? I already have an Honorable however if possible I would like to correct my DD214 because I'm kinda pissed off at how they could possibly argue it was pre-existing when this was a physical disorder not present at MEPS and there are no medical records ever of me having it until the injury, and also due to the nature of the physical disorder it would be fucking absurd for me to not know I had it until the injury. Also it would be cool to get the full 100% of the GI Bill tbh (was in for a little over 2 years) even if I'll probably be mostly done using it before I get a decision lmao.

The pro bono lawyers I've looked at are all for people with OTH etc. I have a sheet of paper saying I'm discharged for a specific disability and the VA service-connected that specific disability now so in a world that makes sense I would think this is a slam dunk but I already got fucked over once. Is this something I could just do by myself by applying for a discharge upgrade with the BCNR with a DD149? Is there anything I should know before trying this route?

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Appeal questions


Hello all!

This sub has been INSTRUMENTAL in my VA journey so thank you all again for your help. I have new questions regarding appeals.

Earlier this year my claim was finally processed and I was given 70% for PTSD which brought my total up to 80%. I was (and am) grateful for this, however a friend with a very similar claim was just awarded 100% and is encouraging me to attempt to appeal to get the same. My question is: how would that work? If I appeal does it just go back to a rater and they either say "yeah it's good, no changes" or "oh shit yeah this should be higher" or can they even say "woah, this is too high let's lower it"?

Would I have to do the C&P exam again? (I'm willing to, but it's pretty emotionally draining as most of you already know). IF I appealed what can I do to bolster my claim (and protect it from being lowered)?

And I realize this is kind of a stream of questions here, but any and all help/pointers/advice is extremely appreciated.

Thank you,

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For those who’s currently in and got out from the military. How do you do 20+ years more or less without going crazy?


Been in for 7 years now. Re-enlisted twice. The more I stay in the more i loose friends and family from back home. Don’t get me wrong there’s pros and cons. From pension to benefits. And good days and bad days. But from going to multiple deployments to the mentality from your battle buddy/shipmates. How do y’all do it?

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Does anyone know any good jobs for vets in Germany?


Currently living in Germany and it’s been hard finding work because my German isn’t business fluent and probably won’t be for a while. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to find a good job here for vets?

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What If We Just Ignore Donald Trump

My father’s advice on how to deal with bullies would work great on Donald Trump.

Turning Point for Garland as Justice Dept. Grapples With Trump Inquiries

After months of an already hyperpartisan political environment, the attorney general appears to be acknowledging that his approach has to be recalibrated.

Biden Helped Democrats Avert a ’22 Disaster. What About ’24?

A stronger-than-expected midterm showing has quieted the party’s public hand-wringing about a re-election campaign for President Biden. But it hasn’t put those worries to rest.

Back c&p exam (Do I need a nexus letter for what the c&p examiner diagnosed?)


I went to my c&p exam, and I feel the c&p examiner diagnosed me with radiculopathy in both legs and said it was moderate, do you think I need a nexus letter as well? I am 20% for my back already and this c&p exam was for a increase. I did somatic symptom disorder as a secondary as well for my back.

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Any of you guys pursue a teaching career?


Anyone in here decide to become a teacher? I’ll try to keep this brief but I was just looking for some general advice.

So I got out of the Marines a few years ago. Decided to become a cop, but after only a few years, I felt like all these toxic type jobs that put quite a bit of stress on the body and soul cant be good for the long run.

I took my wife’s advice, decided to start college last winter and pursue a bachelors in History to teach middle/high schoolers. I’m personally passionate about instructing and class room time. Also History happens to be my favorite subject. Combination of wanting something more relaxing on the body, something I can do past retirement age, and also being a very patient person, I figured it’s a no brainer.

I also do firearms/tactics instructing part time right now (including youth classes) and have been on this grind since my Military days.

The issue I’m having more recently though is feeling like a bit of a sh*t bag when it comes to school. Tonight as I was turning in my assignments last minute like normally, I started dwelling on how I’ve been going about college, and not really giving it my all.

I don’t like making excuses, but between raising a 3 year old boy, marital issues, trying to survive in this new economy as a first time home owner, and trying to move up the latter and be the best at my job; I feel like school work is just falling by the way side.

C’s get degrees is all I’m hearing and what I subconsciously use to justify it all. Not to mention my perception of college in America in general being a scam and finding 99% of all information that I’m “learning” to be elementary, stupid, and irrelevant.

Sorry for the rant but if there’s anyone in the same boat or teachers out there, I would love to hear your experiences and opinions. Thanks.

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