Monday, January 30, 2023
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va home loan


Has anyone got the VA home loan? I applied for it today and I'm nervous. There's a house near where I live now that is for sale. This will be my first home to own. I have lived on couches and in apartments for years would be nice for a change to have more room and stuff. Anyway I hope you all are doing well.

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Marine veteran friend needs help


A marine veteran friend of mine needs help getting his 100%. He has 90% currently and he told me that he was checking his claim earlier and that it's in the evidence gathering phase and it should be done in August of this year. Just spoke to him again and he told me that the date got pushed back till February of next year. Any advice on what he can do to expedite the process or help in any way?

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Current VA funni


Soooooo, I'm seeing a Chiro who says I should get imaging, Tell my PCP "hey, chiro suggested I get imaging". After about 6 weeks I get a call from community care, "hey, we have an imaging app we want to set up for you", get the appointment foe first thing Monday. Me sitting in my truck on Monday of my appointment and the place has my app, VA shows my app in their system, place has no script for app, VA is all "uhhhhh idk?", no imaging done.

It's mind boggling how people want the gov to take control of their healthcare.

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Should I have a 1099R for medical retirement?


Short story – I was rated 80% by the army, also get 80% from the VA. Since I can't double-dip, I do the dollar-for-dollar exchange thing. Still leaves me with a $300 check from the army every month on top of my VA pay.

This is my first year being retired. I log into DFAS and it says there's no 1099 on file. Do I not get one because it's medical? I medically retired out of the reserves so I feel like I didn't get much assistance in the transition process. I have no idea how this is supposed to work. Any insight is appreciated (also on hold with DFAS as I type this)

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Manhattan Prosecutors Will Begin Presenting Trump Case to Grand Jury

The Manhattan district attorney’s decision represents a dramatic escalation of the inquiry, and sets the case on a path toward criminal charges against the former president.

I’m looking for a subreddit, for U.S. Veterans that are business owners or looking to start a business. Any information would be appreciated.


I'm looking for a subreddit, for U.S. Veterans that are business owners or looking to start a business. Any information would be appreciated.

Please let me know what subreddit would be the best place for me to find Veteran business owners or those who might be looking to start a business.


Gary Gordon

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Missed C&P exam!! HELP!


I had 3 exams scheduled with LHI: Hearing, MH & Physical.

All 3 were different dates,

I made the first for audiology.

The MH was today and I couldnt log on due to lack of network capability (Wi-Fi down in my area for a few hours)

I got a text from LHI saying my MH was a no show & my physical appointment in a week was cancelled as well.

I called LHI as well as the VA Regional office and the lady said this sort of thing happens & she will request a reschedule.

My question is how screwed am I? Will this affect my backpay? Does my claim go into the denial phase? I’m freaking out.

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VR and E not returning my calls or emails in Vermont.


Hi I was wondering if anyone here could help me with contacting my local VR and E office.

It’s been about six weeks of emailing my rep with no response, daily calls to white river junction where my rep doesn’t pick up the phone and the VBO office just rings before sending me back to the operator. I haven’t received my stipend for last month and I’m not slated to receive my stipend this month either even though they’re still covering my education.

At this point I’m really hoping someone knows someone I can reach out to for help. Thanks everyone.

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Students Lost One-Third of a School Year to Pandemic, Study Finds

Learning delays and regressions were most severe in developing countries and among children from low-income backgrounds. And students still haven’t caught up.



FYI, y'all if you haven't heard already, Healthcare Career Fair 11FEB23, 0900 to 1500 at Roudebush VA Medical Center, (main entrance) 1481 West 10th st. Indianapolis 46202. I'm just posting this bc people lately expressed interest in VA jobs. Questions? [email protected] I personally don't know anything more about this, so don't ask me questions about it, bc idk. Good luck.

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