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Texas veterans question!


Okay, I have a query for the Texas doctors. I’m considering relocating that. While I was really serving, I stayed there for a sizable amount of time. I enjoyed it. the wind, the environment in public, and the people. Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of people discussing leaving Texas or returning to their home state on many forums. So why is that my concern? What are your thoughts on Texas and your experiences living there, for those of you who were born and raised it as well as those who moved thither from another state? For example, sometimes as a younger adult, I’m in Michigan and have never liked this condition. When I was in, I traveled extensively across the nation, and Texas stood out among the others. I didn’t stay long much, though, to truly determine whether it was positive, negative, or neutral. At any rate, let me know what you think. Thank you! !

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How Do I Check How Many Semesters of The GI Bill, I have left?


May I speak with the established who certifies at my school?

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Post-9/11 GI Bill® students who verify their monthly enrollment, you can now verify via text, email or online


15. How does the choice for online confirmation work?

That. You can use on identification if you can’t confirm by text or email, your link expires, or you’d rather confirm on

B. You must have a verified accounts through ID in order to use on confirmation. either me or Login. gov.

C. Access / education, choose & quote, and manage your benefits for veterans’ education.

D. Select & quot, Verify your enrollment, once you reach that section of the page. & quot,

E. A box with a note stating,”& quot, We &# 039, re missing one or more of your enrollment verifications” will appear if you are missing any of them. & quot,

a. Scroll down the page to the month you want to establish for, then click the” Confirm all admissions” link under that month.

b. The membership information that VA has on file for you will be displayed on the following filter, and you must click” Yes, this information is correct” to confirm it before clicking” Proceed.”

c. You will have the chance to evaluate your confirmations on the following screen, and if everything appears to be accurate, choose” SUBMIT YOUR Confirmations.”

d. You will then be returned to the registration confirmation main document, where you will see a note informing you that you are current with your regular enrollment confirmations.

F. Choose” No, this material isn’t perfect” if your membership status has changed.

a. You can review your verifications on the following camera, and a notice warning you that” We’ll delay your monthly schooling payments if you submit this verification” will appear. To make sure your enrollment history with VA has been changed, you must consult your School Certifying Official ( SCO ). Choose” Submit your confirmations” if it appears to be in order.

b. A note informing you that your regular curriculum payments have been paused until you update your registration information will then be returned to the registration verification main page.

G. Notes: You will still get a warning on the last day of the fortnight if you opt for text or email confirmation and verify on before receiving the confirmation email or text at the end.

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Post 9/11 Eligibility percentage


I was on active duty for 5 years and half went to Iraq. I left in August of that year. I had to begin working after the Army right away.

I have reached the point where I may begin returning to school. ( I believe the 15-year expiration date after your split is nonsense. )

Anyway, I see that I only have a 70 % eligibility rate. Next I went to this website, where it read:

If you served less than 36 month, you were eligible for a portion of results.

You are only eligible for a portion of the Post-9 / 11 GI Bill benefit if you were on active duty for less than 1, 095 days( 36 months ). Based on the total amount of time you served on active commitment( with or without breaks in service ), find out what portion of the full advantage you are ready for:

  • 545 to 729 days (18 to 23 months): 70% of the full benefit

I served on active duty from January 2008 to August 2012, taking two trips to Iraq in 2009 and 2011. Now I left and served in the Reserves until 2016. Am I doing this correctly? Why am I only at 70 % after receiving benefits from the 9 / 11 bill? I appreciate it in boost!

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Trump, Turning Up Heat, Raises Specter of Violence if He Is Charged

The previous president issued a warning in an overnight article about” significant death and destruction” if he is charged in connection with hush-money payments to the movie star.

Veterans Affairs Nightmares


Visit us at Veterans Affairs Nightmares to spread the word about how the VA treats defense soldiers from America and number 039 around the world.

Submit your VA nightmares report first, please.

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Buddy and nexus letters


I apologize if my dilemma has already been addressed on this page. Good night. May I ask any doctor to write a connection letter for service connection, and if one at the virginia may write one for the issues? I currently have several appointments scheduled, both through third party referrals and through the VA. My next query is regarding friend letters because I am aware that I will require them for a variety of purposes. Is there a preferred structure for writing those papers, or is there one that is more useful? Thank you in advance for any information that might be useful.

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I just got my entire GI Bill refunded via VR&E Retroactive Induction


I applied for VR & amp, E for my Masters without even being aware of this. I was informed by my counsel, who also gave me the report. I was accepted for the vintage, and my Masters program will begin in April. I was so shocked when I had my bachelor’s and I &# 039 backed after using 34 months of my GI bill. I logged in and double-checked my benefit speech to be sure. Stupid. This is merely a startled, surprised, or happy post. If you have a standing and haven’t yet, check into it.

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Trump Plans Rally in Waco During Anniversary of Branch Davidian Standoff

A flaming federal attack on a doomsday sect thirty years ago made the city the epitome of overreach by the government. On Saturday, Donald Trump will give a speech it, and both supporters and detractors claim it was no incident.

Increase disability


I received my illness status. good, unable to talk. Simple version: I was assaulted but never talked about it or reported it. Ego got in the way, but after a date, I sought help from habit health. left energetic and I had all of my visits printed out, but when I brought it to the doctor, they said I needed to have a diagnosis before I could use it for my illness. I suppose that when I visited a counselor while I was engaged, they said that everything was fine. I may have been too hazy, but at the day I didn’t feel confident disclosing a lot of information. Do I need to visit a neurologist once more on my own dime, have diagnosed, and then take it to the doctor? What suggestions do you all have?

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